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Bangkok Robot Building

Bangkok Robot 1

It’s in Bangkok. It looks like a robot. It’s a building.

Bangkok Robot 2

There’s not much more to say about it.

Bangkok Robot 3

We’re back in Bangkok after 26 days in Burma. Even in Yangon internet access was too slow to bother with so I apologise to anyone who sent me an email during that time – I’ll reply soon.

Best thing about Burma: we totally missed out on the royal wedding. Jealous?


Kunming’s Robots

Kunming Optimus Prime Robot

After returning to Kunming from Chenggong, I had just enough time to see a huge robot I’d read about online and then go to a more traditional tourist attraction, the Bamboo Temple in the west of the city.

I amazed myself by finding the robot without too many problems. It’s around 6 storeys high and stands outside a car dealership in the north-west of the city.

Kunming Optimus Prime Robot 2

You might wonder why I spent my time in Kunming looking for a huge robot. There are two reasons: 1) I love robots. 2) I think I’m suffering from Chinese city fatigue. After visiting around 60 cities across the country, I don’t feel compelled to traipse around from overly-restored pagoda to overly-restored temple anymore.

That said, I had planned to see the Bamboo Temple. I had just enough time to get there before it closed, so I got a taxi after seeing the robot. About three kilometres from the temple, the taxi ground to a halt and the black-toothed driver started shouting at me. He wanted 100RMB to take me to the temple. Obviously I wasn’t going to pay that (the metre said 9RMB and we were almost there) but he was adamant that he needed 100RMB. I paid the 9RMB and got out.

By this time, I had less than half an hour before the temple closed and there were no other taxis around. I had to abandon my plan and head back to the hotel.

The robot above isn’t alone in Kunming. At several locations across the city, I’ve seen these Robocops quietly observing the traffic. This one is on Beijing Lu near the train station.

Kunming Robocop

To see the big robot, I took bus 58 from the main train station to the final stop, then walked north up Erhuan Xi Lu. Coming from this direction, the robot is on the right side of the road outside a car dealership just before Erhuan Bei Lu.