Chau Doc’s Riverfront

Chau Doc Riverfront 

As I said in the previous post, Chau Doc is not a town I want to spend any time in. I’m just waiting for the boat to Phnom Penh tomorrow.

The most interesting thing about the place is the riverfront. When I went to have a look, I was followed by two men who wanted me to go on a boat tour. They refused to leave me alone – one of them got his two young daughters to pull at my clothing and shout ‘boat, boat’ – so I left after a few minutes. The annoying thing is that I would have quite liked to go on a boat to get a closer look at the floating shanty town. But I can’t bear being pestered and I didn’t want to reward their efforts.

Along the side of the river, there are houses on stilts:

Chau Doc Riverfront Stilts 

If I lived in a decrepit corrugated metal hut perilously hanging over a riverbank, I wouldn’t feel too guilty about pestering pampered tourists for a few dollars – so I can’t really criticise the touts too strongly. There are also floating houses on the river itself (the green things in the water are huge clumps of weeds):

Chau Doc Riverfront Floating Houses


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