Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Yuanyang Terraces 

Yuanyang is a poor town in the south of Yunnan. It’s on a hilltop and was, for the time I was there, permanently hidden in fog – sometimes visibility was down to about thirty or forty feet. After arriving after an eight hour bus journey from Kunming, I arranged a car to take me to the terraces the next morning.

I met the driver at 5:30am. The fog was so thick that she advised me not to go that day. But there’s not really anything to see in Yuanyang other than the terraces – and I didn’t want to have dragged myself out of bed for nothing – so I decided to risk it.

I’m glad I did. As the sun rose, the fog rolled in and out of the valley, providing brief windows of relatively clear views.

Yuanyang Terraces 2

The hour I spent watching the sun come up over the terraces was my highlight of Yunnan province. The driver took me to a few other places to view the terraces, and then I went back to the town. Yuanyang was a long way to go – a sixteen hour round-trip on the bus – but really worth it.

Yuanyang Terraces 3 

Yuanyang Terraces 4


One response to “Yuanyang Rice Terraces

  1. It’s really beautiful.To be honest,I seached it online,and got it famous for “梯田(terrace)”,I thought there isn’t the word in English.Haha!

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