Last Days in Guangdong

Nanshe Village

It’s been a long time since my last update – WordPress was blocked again. I’m outside the reaches of the Great Firewall now, so I should be able to update more often.

I spent three days in Hong Kong but never got round to doing anything touristy. I spent a lot of time looking for the Cambodia embassy – neither of the addresses I found online were current – and most of a day trying to buy anti-malarial medication. I couldn’t get Malarone, the drug I wanted, so I settled for one that has potential side-effects including severe depression, insomnia and psychosis. On the plus side, the clinic I went to was run by a Christian group, so with baby Jesus on my side, I should be OK.

After Hong Kong, I had two days back in Dongguan. Alice and I went to a village called Nanshe (see pictures above and below). Nanshe Village 2

In the evening, we returned to the ceramics workshop and did some painting. The ceramicist, a young man from north-east China, was very happy to see us again and cooked us a meal.

We met a Chinese-Korean man who said he used to effectively buy women from the North Korean authorities. Many North Korean women illegally cross the border into China to marry Chinese men. If caught by the police, they are sent back to North Korea where they are treated as defectors and imprisoned and tortured. The man said that for 5-7,000RMB he would ‘buy’ the women back from North Korean prison guards and return them to their Chinese husbands. He said he had seen women shackled around the necks and chained up with rings through their septums like bulls.

 Humen Taxi

On my final day in Guangdong, we went to Humen, a city close to Dongguan, to see a very patriotic museum about the Opium Wars fought between China and Britain.

I took a bus to Guangzhou train station. Guangzhou is hosting the 16th Asian Games so security was very tight, with ID checks when entering and leaving the city, police checkpoints and armed officers at the train station. I won’t be around to see the games though – I took a 24-hour train to Kunming.

For the benefit of anyone who found this page while searching for information about the Cambodia embassy in Hong Kong:

Address: Unit 1819, 18th Floor, Star House, No.3 Salisbury Road, Kowloon

Tel: 25460718

Open Mon-Fri 9am-1pm and 2-5pm, Tourist Visa 200HKD, Business Visa 250HKD – they processed my application on the spot and I walked out with the visa 20 minutes later.


2 responses to “Last Days in Guangdong

  1. I’m a little confused that you like Chinese historic buildings or you dislike the mixed type.

  2. I liked those buildings!

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