What Have I Become?

Based on my last two posts, I’ve become someone who posts pictures of their pets online. Is there any worse indignity? I’m one step away from uploading photographs of a kitten in a miniature beret. Enough animal pictures for now, I think.

Who reads this site? Hardly anybody. But according to my ‘site stats’, the miniscule readership of this blog is evenly split between those who know me and people who have found the site after searching for ‘wooden Uzi’, ‘how to make a wooden Uzi’, ‘Uzi model’ or ‘Uzi model kit’. Thanks to one picture I posted here, my blog has become a major global wooden submachine gun resource.

A couple of the stranger search terms that led people to my site recently were ‘Tom Snik dead’ and ‘Tom Snik murdered’. I have taken these as veiled death threats and gone into hiding.

I made another trip to the Vietnam embassy this morning and, again, it was closed. Is it any wonder that Vietnam remains poor when they show such contempt for people who want to visit and spend money there? They had told me to come back on the 6th, but I’m not going to get my passport and visa until at least the 8th. Now I’m concerned that this will have a knock-on effect on obtaining my North Korea visa.

Going to the embassy is an hour and a half roundtrip on the subway. My tolerance for Beijing’s subway has now reached an all-time low. 95% of all profanity that leaves my lips does so on the subway. There is no other place where I have to repress the urge to lash out. I’m left speechless by the utter lack of spatial awareness on display – families that dawdle five abreast blocking an entire corridor; people who get to the top of an escalator and then stop stock-still so that the people behind knock into them; couples who stand still on the moving walkway creating a stationary queue of dozens of people behind them unable to get past. Add to that queue-jumping, pushing, shouting into mobile phones, and blocking doorways and the subway is only slightly more civilized than the chimp enclosure at Beijing zoo. But at least nobody flings shit at you on the subway.


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