Student Feedback


You’re really friendly. I can’t say you’re handsom but sometimes you look cool. I really enjoy your class. It lets me feel different and relaxing.

Best wishes to you!


Last week, one of my teaching assistants asked the students to write notes to me. They are mostly very sweet, but some are bizarre. And, almost without exception the students mentioned my appearance – they all felt the need to tell me how handsome or ugly I am. Here are a few more examples:

Dear Tom.

Wish you happy everyday!

I’m that you’ll become more handsome and you will have six-pack (…….)

Oh, I don’t know what I said just now.



Tom do you know. you name is too long to remember. it. so you let us are called. you Tom. Aha. I think you are very whait. Do you think so. I’m very black. I’m very sad.

[picture of a rabbit]



Dear Tom:

I think you are so cute. you just like our friend.

You look like my teddly bear.

I love your lessons

[picture of a cat] meo



Dear Tom

Tom, you are my first foreign teacher. You are very lovely, I really like you. I am relaxing when I have your class. You are my best teacher in all teachers I ever meet. It’s ture, belive me.

Hope you can have a good time in China.

PS: I don’t care if you have nice body. You are handsom! 🙂



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