Honesty in Advertising

The blurb on the back of this pirate DVD reads:

This was probably one of the worst films I have seen in quite a long time. Just inexcusably awful. The acting was painfully pathetic and the script was laughable. Indeed I did laugh quite a bit each time a line was delivered or every time the swiss cheese plot gave away another predictable turn for the inane. Clearly this film has been on the shelf for a reason and I can only imagine the putrid stench that shelf now has. I used to think that I’d see any film with free screening passes and I’m reminded of all the good I could have done with that 1 hr. & 46 min. that has left me. I would’ve rather watched a McConaughey romantic comedy in an endless loop than be subjected to this again much less know that anyone was subjected to this.

The review was copied and pasted from here.


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