I Quit Korean

I’m a bit angry about this. Angry with myself.

Several weeks ago, I decided to learn Korean. I’m probably going to move there, I like Korean films and I’m interested in North Korea, so it seemed like as good a language as any to try to study. I bought an expensive text-book and took classes. I spent a lot of time making ‘learning aids’ (see above and below). But like French, Spanish and Chinese before it, I seem to have quit studying Korean.

I won’t go into details (this post is really just an excuse to show off my pictures), but my Korean classes pushed me into such a deep state of misanthropy that it became impossible to continue. But maybe language learning just isn’t for me. Afterall, as an English speaker, I can already communicate with up to a billion people worldwide and, as far as I’m concerned, that’s about one billion people too many.


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